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Cayenne Pepper 25g



Cayenne Pepper 25g

Cayenne Pepper 25g

General Description
Cayenne Pepper is made from the dried pods of pungent chili peppers. This fiery spice adds flair to dishes from Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. 
Geographical Sources
Cayenne Pepper comes from Central and South America and the West Indies. 
Traditional Ethnic Uses
Cayenne Pepper is traditionaly used in Mexican and Italian cooking. 
Taste and Aroma
Cayenne Pepper has little aroma, but it is extremely hot to taste. 
History/Region of Origin
Cayenne Peppers were grown for thousands of years in the West Indies and Central and South America. Spanish explorers looking for black pepper misnamed them as pepper, and introduced them to the rest of the world. One of Columbus passengers, de Cuneo, wrote how the Native Americans ate pepperlike fruit like we eat apples.  

Ingredients :Mixed Chllies ground

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