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Oregano 20g



Oregano 20g

General Description
Mediterranean Oregano is the dried leaf of Origanum vulgare L., a perennial herb in the mint family. Mexican Oregano is the dried leaf of one of several plants of the Lippia genus. 
Geographical Sources
Oregano is grown in California and New Mexico, as well as the Mediterranean region. 
Traditional Ethnic Uses
Oregano is the spice that gives pizza its characteristic flavor. It is also usually used in chili powder. 
Taste and Aroma
Oregano has a pungent odor and flavor. Mexican Oregano is a bit stronger than Mediterranean Oregano. 
History/Region of Origin
Mediterranean Oregano was originaly grown extensively in Greece and Italy. Since Greek and Roman times it has been used with meats, fish, vegetables, and as a flavoring for wine. Before World War II, Oregano was almost unknown in the United States. However, its popularity skyrocketed with the popularity of pizza. 

Ingredients :Oregano

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